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Cloud computing is the concept of storing information on servers instead of your own hard drive. Not only can you access it from anywhere in the world, but you never have to worry about what happens if your computer crashes.

MyLastHomepage allows you to easily create your own personal website to store all your favorite links. Whether you use your home computer, work computer, smart phone or tablet device, access to your favorite part of the internet is right at your finger tips. Never have to worry about remembering the address of a website again. Simply put it on your page and forget about it. And the best part is...it’s completely Free!

Simply sign up to create a user name and password. Your new webpage will be www.mylasthomepage.com/"your user name" Create different categories like News or Email and then create favorites within those categories like Gmail or Hotmail. Add as many as you like. And when you are satisfied, make it your default homepage in your internet browser. Make changes whenever you want by logging in with your personal user name and password.

A sample homepage can be viewed at www.mylasthomepage.com/example (user name is case sensitive)